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Where to Go Scuba Diving in India

Where to Go Scuba Diving in India

If you are a water baby and adventure lover, India offers ample opportunities and locations to explore the amazing underwater world. There is no need to plan an international vacation to unravel the mysteries of the sea. We have curated a list of spots where you can enjoy scuba diving in India.

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Explore the deep blue waters of Andaman while scuba diving


Situated amid the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, Andaman is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque destinations in the world. Besides the scenic landscapes, Andaman also offers you exhilarating marine adventures. It is among the most sought-after places to go scuba diving in India. Here are some scuba diving spots in Andaman that you must check out. 

  • Aquarium

In the southwest of Havelock Island, this diving spot enthrals you with its coral reefs and colourful fishes. As it is suitable for beginners, feel free to experience its thrill to the fullest.  

  • Lighthouse

Whether you are a novice or an expert, Lighthouse is the ideal diving spot for everyone. This is a great place to enjoy night diving too. 

  • Seduction Point

A massive underwater rock formation bejewelled with Staghorn corals, this place is ideal for moderate and expert divers. 

Some other scuba diving spots in Andaman include K Rock, Mac Point, Margherita’s Mischief and Bus Stop.

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This serene coastal town in Kerala is blessed with three adjoining crescent beaches. It is also popular for Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and natural therapies. When you are done exploring the picturesque beaches, you must go in for a diving session to truly experience Kovalam’s underwater treasures.

  • PADI Diving

If you’ve never dived before and would like to test the waters (pun not intended!), a half-day PADI Discover Scuba session is ideal for you. Experienced instructors will provide you training in a pool before taking you out for a guided dive. For more experienced divers, Kovalam also offers various Open Water PADI certifications. 

  • Bond Safari Scuba Diving

On a Bond Safari, you ride a small underwater scooter fitted with an air container to conveniently explore the exquisite marine life around you. The best part is that you don't need to be a swimmer to enjoy this thrilling adventure. Prior to the dive, a certified diving instructor will provide a training session and safety demonstration. For those who are nervous about scuba diving, this is a perfect alternative!

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Dive into the rich waters of Pondicherry and explore the amazing aquatic life


Pondicherry is the only eastern coastal destination for scuba diving in India. On a diving adventure here you can explore the spectacular natural coral reefs and amazing creatures like lionfish, manta rays, kingfish, moray eels and lots more. If lucky, you might even spot dolphins, whale sharks, sharks and turtles too. The following are scuba diving spots in Pondicherry.

  • Coral Sharks Reef

This is a flexible scuba diving spot in Pondicherry reef with varying sea depths, ranging from 5 metres to 23 metres. It is the ideal spot for both beginners as well as experts. The sandy seabed and gorgeous coral reefs will leave you mesmerised. 

  • The Aravind Wall

The diving site is 15 km offshore. You can spot exotic species here like lionfish, sea snakes, butterflyfish and Honeycomb Moray Eel.  

  • The Hole

If a hardcore scuba diving enthusiast asks us where to go scuba diving in India, then the answer must include The Hole in Pondicherry. It is among those places where only a diving expert would dare go. The central area has a depth of around 30 metres. One must carry a torch or lighting equipment as the spot is dark. Getting a chance to spot some rare, mysterious creatures will escalate the level of excitement.   

The other scuba diving spots in Pondicherry include 4 Corners and Temple Reef. 

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Goa is a destination that combines nature, adventure and culture. From beautiful beaches to colonial architecture and dazzling clubs to lip-smacking food, the place has endless charm. Goa is among the best places to go scuba diving in India. The following are the scuba diving spots in Goa. 

  • Grande Island

Situated in South Goa, this stunning island attracts diving enthusiasts from all corners of the world for underwater adventures in Goa. There are several diving spots around the island with a depth ranging from 7 to 20 metres. Suzy's Wreck is a popular diving site known for a sunken British ship from the 1930s. While diving here, you’ll swim past the coral-covered ship wreck, with schools of colourful fish darting around it. Umma Gumma Reef is another spectacular spot around Grande Island. The magnificent hard coral reef makes this place seem like a paradise under the sea. Sail Rock is the spot for diving experts. At a relatively greater depth, the place is abundant in coral and marine life. 

  • Malvan Island 

Famous for silky white sand beaches, Malvan Island is a lovely spot for scuba diving in Goa. The calm water makes it ideal even for beginner scuba divers.  The colourful corals and vibrant marine animals here are a visual retreat. 

  • Murudeshwar 

Lying just off the coast of Karnataka, Netrani Island in Murudeshwar is one of the popular sites for scuba diving in India. The beautiful heart-shaped island is also known as Pigeon Island. The shallow depth, clear water and vivid marine life make it an idyllic spot for scuba diving, especially if you are a beginner.  

So, gear up to explore the magical world beneath the sea. To enjoy scuba diving in India and plan an exciting vacation, have a look at MakeMyTrip holiday packages.  


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